UltraCare Prepaid Maintenance

Product Overview

UltraCare PPM is the product of Performance Group, Inc an automotive digital customer retention company which works with several OEMs on various projects. UltraCare PPM is considered one of the “new generation” prepaid maintenance programs on the market essentially replacing many of the older coupon-based programs. “New Generation” refers to primarily to the types of features offered and technologies utilized within these products. UltraCare is was one of the first adopters of this style of PPM and has been in the marketplace for over ten years. To be considered new generation style product it must be fully DMS integrated across the board including, sale registration, service RO redemption, accounting, communications, dealer App interactable and have an online renewal capability. UltraCare meets all these requirements plus some.

PPM’s have evolved greatly over the past few years shifting from third party administration to dealers owned programs. The benefit of a dealer owned option is obvious (you hold all the money) and should be considered by anyone looking to replace or add a PPM program. UltraCare is a dealer owned program and is re-insurable at the dealer’s discretion.

UltraCare continues to design and offer additional features not found on many other PPMs such as geo-fencing through an included dealer branded program App.  This feature allows you to automatically push notifications or plan reminders directly to a customer’s cell phone or connected device when they near your store. Another nice feature allows your plan holders to renew or purchase a new plan, online through a dealer branded landing page or your stores website.

One final nicety is that through the DMS integration UltraCare is able to capture the service upsell associated with each customer redemption so that you can actually see how much service revenue your program is actually driving.

Dealer Comments

We spoke to several UltraCare clients in both Finance and Service and their comments regarding UltraCare were:

Regarding Usage

“I really like how simple it is to redeem a program service, my guys just put a labor op code on the RO and we are done, plus I get paid that day”.   (Nissan Service – Austin, TX)

“Registering a plan takes me no more than two minutes and I’m done, I’m very busy and I love that I can get in and out quickly with no fuss”.   (Chevrolet Finance – Indianapolis, IN)

Regarding Reporting

“UltraCare allows me to keep my guys honest. I check the UltraCare exception report every day to make sure none of my writers are giving stuff away”. (Mazda Service – Miami, FL)

“I use their reporting every day to reconcile my accounting and it is always spot on”.  (Honda Service – Boston, MA)

General Comments

“We switched from XXXXX because we liked all the features UltraCare offered that we did get with XXXX and so far, we are not disappointed”.  (Toyota Principle – Chicago, IL)

“The only gripe I have is that I can’t reach them until 11 AM if I have a problem because of the time difference, I wish they had better support hours”.  (Hyundai Service – Cleveland, OH)

“I really like these guys, Mike and Jeff are super helpful and the product is great, I just wish they would lower my rate”. (VW Business Mgr. – Chicago, IL)


Parent: Performance Loyalty Group, Inc

Participating Dealers: 263

Length of Time in Business:  17 years

Employees: 48

UltraCare Pre Paid Maintenance

From $16 Per Plan Registered

Price Competitiveness / ROI


Ease of Use


Available Features


Customer Service


Data Security



  • Ease of Use
  • Many Additional Features
  • Includes Moble App
  • Completely Automated Process
  • Powered by AWS


  • Customer Service Hours Could be Better
  • Dealer Must Install Labor Op Codes
  • All Training is Done Remotely