Four Keys to Successfully Selling Parts on Amazon

For a busy dealership parts department, keeping up with and mastering the ever-changing dynamics of selling on Amazon’s marketplace can be overwhelming. The 4 keys to successfully selling auto parts at scale on Amazon are having the right combination of people, process, products, and systems.

  1. People:
    Commit, train, and empower the right parts department personnel to perform superbly with Amazon shopper communication and on-time order fulfillment.
  2. Process:
    There are dozens of processes that need to be implemented properly. Many we’ve already discussed, such as product listings, pricing strategy, shipping strategy, and accounting. Without the right processes in place, people and systems can’t perform optimally. With process optimization, and ideally best practices, you can thrive.
  3. Products:
    You’re selling genuine parts and accessories, but that’s a big world.: SKUs, product mix, in-stock, out-of-stock, oversize, discontinued, cores, electrical. The right products matter a lot!
  4. Systems:
    This is a big topic too, as there are a variety of systems involved in the conversation. There are listing tools (like Channel Advisor) that can make it easier to manage a few aspects of the process and scale listings. But they typically require an investment in intricate setup and mastery, and they still don’t automate and solve all of the pain points for a dealership to succeed. You have to sync inventory and process tickets in your DMS. You might also use a shipping software like ShipStation. And if you operate a parts web store, you might want to integrate that with Amazon too. Altos Digital can provide a comprehensive strategy to integrate all relevant systems which is essential for high volume Amazon sales. 

Reprinted in part from information gathered from Altos Data.